REPAIR AND RESTORATION | Philly Hardwood Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19111

Hardwood floors are beautiful, natural, hypoallergenic and long-lasting, and it’s considered a sign of quality in a home. Old hardwood floors offer the extra allure of charm and a little history. But along with the charm may come stains, squeaks and other signs of age—the good news is almost all old floors can be salvaged, repaired and restored by our professional service. Call us now at 267-608-9192 for a free estimate.
Sanding is a great way to repair damage to the floor, change the color or the finish sheen—most importantly to protect the investment by preserving and restoring the beauty of an existing wood floor.
Refinishing an existing hardwood floor will breathe new life into it by bringing back the original gloss and shine that it once had. It is also a quick and easy way to remove surface scratches that did not go all the way through to the wood.