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Believe it or not, the staircase is a very important element of your home that is often overlooked—it requires just as much attention as your floors. A well maintained and designed staircase can positively accent your beautiful hardwood floor as well as balancing & harmonizing the overall interior design of the home. If you are looking to install a new staircase or spruce up the old one, feel free to call us now at 267-608-9192 for a free estimate.
New Installation
One of the simplest ways to improve the looks of an entryway or living room is to update the staircase. It is also a way to ensure that inhabitants remain safe because stairs that are of level or rundown can easily lead to dangerous falls. When a set of stairs is unattractive or unable to be repaired effectively, it is actually quite affordable to simply replace them.
Handrail Installation
If you have a loose handrail, a weak handrail or no rail at all, fix the problem by installing a new one. More accidents happen on stairways than anywhere else in the house, and a strong handrail goes a long way toward making stairs safer and easier to use. Choosing to install a new handrail is also a great way to accent your floor and change up the design.
Repairs, Sanding & Finishing
The staircase, just like the hardwood floor in your home, can be repaired and restored to its original glory. Overtime scratches, squeaks, and other issues may appear—give us a call to bring those stairs back to life!